GuardiApp Sports Lifesaver

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GuardiApp could save your life!

GuardiApp is a smartphone app that monitors your activity and raises an alarm once you haven't moved for a certain period of time. It sends an SMS message with your coordinates to your predefined alarm contacts. Before commencing your activity, you start GuardiApp and it runs discretely in the background. Of course you can still use your favourite sports apps at the same time without any restrictions!

GuardiApp automatically calls for help when you are not able to anymore. A sheet anchor for all outdoor athletes - a comforting feeling for you and your loved ones at home.

Whether jogging or running on lonely paths, during fog or at night, mountain biking in the forest, cycling, hitchhiking, trekking, climbing, skiing or snowboarding, skating, canyoning, paragliding, flying, driving or motorcycling, etc., GuardiApp is your companion to make these and similar other activities safer.

Features (Lite and Pro):

  • Runs in the background during your activity
  • Recognizes absolute motionlessness the way it can only occur after an accident
  • Detects your current position
  • Alerts your predefined emergency contacts via SMS, including your position


  • Adjust sensor sensitivity to make GuardiApp usable for activities like car driving
  • Configure more than one emergency contact (the Lite version only supports one single emergency contact)
  • Answering machine: the alarm SMS will also be sent to people trying to call you after the alert has been triggered

By the way: should you happen to lose your device during your activity, just call it - the answering machine feature will send you an SMS with the exact position of your device. (Pro)

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NOTE: GPS and mobile reception required for the use of this app. No replacement for certified search and rescue devices.